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Best Practices of securing Wi-Fi Networks

Dos and Donts for secure Wi-Fi Networks - 1

Dos and Donts for secure Wi-Fi Networks - 2

Desktop Management - Achilles Heel *

ITIL Version 3 Overview *

Green IT - Session I *

Green IT - Session II *

IS Audit Profession in India by Huzeifa Unwala *

New Security Technologies (Physical Security) *

Cryptography Key Management by N. Krishnan *

Auditing ERP System by Krishna Mohan Unnam *

Virtualization and Security by Ramesh Bhat *

Virtualization Security Checklist by Ramesh Bhat *

Nomination Committee’s Letter to Members

Microsoft Security and Audit Handbook 2010

Cyber Forensics 2010

EY Shifting Towards Maturity 2016

MOM of MC meetings

AGM 2015 Minutes of the Meeting

Annual Report 2015 2016

EGM Minutes Jan 16 2016

ISACA Mumbai 2015 16 Annual Accounts

Special Meeting Minutes 24 9 2016

AGM Minutes Oct82016 Draft

Annual Report 20152016Revised


Presentation Download


Cyber Crime and Frauds by Vidya Raja Rao *

Preparing BCP by Haridas Raigaga *

BCM as per BS25999 by Haridas Raigaga *

Business Resumption Plan by Priti Sikdar *

Enterprise Risk Management - Yash Kadakia *

CM 100109 - ValIT - Ravikiran Mankikar

CM 130908 - K.N.Bhat - Guide to ERM

IS Audit - Global Status - Hugh Penri Williams

Introuction to Common Criteria

Global Innovation in Security by Peter Jaco *

Cost Management Controls Management Controls

Cloud Computing

Fraud Management Technology Perspective

Emerging Trends in Business Impact Analysis

Introduction to Cyber Liability

DATA MIGRATION for banking applications

Cyber Imitation Game

Zero Trust New Paradigm in Security

Protecting against Ransomware

Third Party Risk Management Emerging Trends June 2

IoT Security Presentation v 20

Ashit Dalal SCADA Security


Migration to the AWS Cloud

Cloud computing opportunities and challenges


Emerging cyber threats RANSOMWARE


Newsletter Download


July-August 2008 Newsletter Cover

Newsletter April-May 2009

Newsletter Oct2009 to April2010

IsacaMumbai Newsletter Oct2010 to Dec2010


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